Revolutionary | Disposable Pump Technology

Vernay and Quantex have formed a strategic partnership to bring this revolutionary single-use disposable pump technology to the flow control market.  Potential market impact and competitive differentiation is tremendous with this disruptive technology. Gain incredible dispensing accuracy, ease of maintenance, environmental sensitivity and more. Learn how to integrate this “smart design solution” at the heart of your critical medical devices. 

Technical information: Marine Prat, Engineering Program Manager at Quantex-Arc.  
Sales and manufacturability information:, Global Marketing Manager at Vernay.

Pump Characteristics
How the QM Pump Works
The Quantex pump comprises two plastic moldings - a rotor and housing. The rotor has indents that pick up fluid from the input port and transport it around the housing to the output port. A flexible membrane on the housing pushes the fluid into the output, emptying the indents. High accuracy is achieved because the indents running against the housing form a fixed volume and scavenging is very efficient. This simple mechanism can run at a wide range of rotation speeds to match particular flow rate requirements.

The flow rate is directly proportional to the rotation rate. A practical range of speeds is 1:1,000. For a larger dynamic range, and where precision is important, there is a continuous flow option giving a range >1:10,000.
Application Areas
Blood Management
Diagnostic Reagents
Drug Compounding
Enteral Pump
IV Drug Delivery 
Laboratory Pumps
Wound Care Management
Food and Beverage Dispensing
Home and Personal Care
Institutional Cleaning and Sanitization
Lawn and Garden
White Goods and Small Appliances
Industrial Offset Printing
Personal Printing
Professional Printing
Continuous flow or on demand flow 
Dependable performance
Low maintenance / zero cleaning
Lower total cost of ownership
Maintain or even enhance precision   
   and accuracy
Reduced contamination
Tremendous applications flexibility  
   for fluid delivery and management
Airless and aseptic dispense
Compatible with bag-in-box 
Customizable modular components
Minimize cleaning and eliminate 
  routine maintenance
Mixing and dilution capability
Fast and easy change over reduces 
  or eliminates risk of 
Manages a wide range of flow rates, 
  viscosities and chemical 
Enhance precision and accuracy of
  ink dispensing from reservoir
Compatible with a variety of ink 
Flexible fluid delivery rates
Dependable performance
High delivery pressure or low 
  regulated pressure options