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New Automotive Product
The possibilities for invention and innovation are endless. The potential for market impact and competitive differentiation potential is tremendous. Preserve the precision and quality that your customers expect, but gain incredible efficiencies in cost, ease of maintenance, environmental sensitivity, compact design. Now reserve the precision and quality that your customers expect.
New Product
Introducing VoltaVent® Battery Ventilation Solutions

A new generation of dual function pressure reduction venting valves developed to manage and release pressure within the new generation of lithium battery powered vehicles. Vernay Voltavent® seamlessly combines a pressure compensation valve, which allows the battery internal casing to breath and a second safety valve, should conditions demand an emergency burst of gas.

- Battery powered electric vehicles

- Internal and external air fluctuations are equalized
- Rapid release of any unexpected acute exhaust pressure
- Elimination of particulate, moisture or other fluids from entering battery case
- Batteries protected from all external environmental conditions