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synthetic polyisoprene product

Engineered and Proven Medical Device Applications


A top-10 medical device manufacturer faced challenges with the reliability and biocompatibility of their current materials, leading to delays in regulatory approvals and higher production costs.

By switching to Vernay polyisoprene, the manufacturer improved the reliability and biocompatibility of their devices. Vernay’s dedicated engineers and support team ensured seamless integration and continuous quality assurance.


The transition led to a reduction in production costs, an increase in product performance, and faster regulatory approvals. This enabled the medical device manufacturer to grow at rates surpassing other companies in the market.

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Who We Are

Vernay is a trusted, global innovative flow solutions provider to leading OEMs and emerging companies in the Medical, Automotive, and Specialty industries.

Recognized throughout the industry for our tenacious problem-solving drive, and for providing co-designed, custom fluid control solutions, we make our customers’ most ambitious product visions a reality. We continue to expand the capabilities of our in-house, world-class R&D laboratories in the U.S., Europe, and Asia to develop proprietary material formulations and designs for our customers. 

Our operations include engineering, testing, manufacturing, sales, and support capabilities. We can provide coordinated global logistics and supply chain solutions to meet the needs of our customers worldwide.