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Advanced Fluid Control Technology


The science of advanced fluid control technology

To maximize your competitive advantage and ensure “best in class” solution development, Vernay is committed to staying at the leading edge of advanced fluid control technology.

This includes materials formulation, virtual prototyping, functional testing, advanced product design, and advanced process technologies. We have R&D laboratories in the U.S. and Europe with the experience and knowledge to meet your project requirements. Vernay is committed to continually investing in R&D in order to meet your expectations for superior designs, predictable outcomes, consistent performance, and fewer development cycles.

Materials Formulation

Ensuring the right material for your solution

Vernay has a world-class materials formulation laboratory that has been developing custom materials for customers since 1935. It is this core competency that allows us to achieve mechanical properties, chemical and environmental resistance and surface characteristics where others struggle.

Your engineers will feel more confident knowing that materials are being developed in parallel with geometry and process, because this approach ensures that the final design meets all of the functional and performance specifications for the application. We can perform extended exposure testing using a wide range of media, which is helpful to understand how selected materials may interact in your application.

Advanced Product Development

Experience makes it all possible

Vernay’s R&D department has an Advanced Product Development team that is engaged in applying cutting-edge analytical tools to design challenging next generation products that satisfy market-specific needs. The team is actively researching market applications on the horizon, and evaluating new components, geometries, and tighter tolerances.

The Advanced Product Development team utilizes a wide range of simulation and predictive analysis tools, including Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Design of Experiments (DOE), Finite Element Analysis (FEA), and SigmaSoft flow simulation. This team has also developed a Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) software, unique to the industry, which is a proprietary multi-physics simulation tool specifically developed for use with fluid control components.

Advanced Process Technology

The right process makes the difference.

R&D is constantly looking at new process methods for the production of components and functional devices. These processes are evaluated against a multitude of criteria that may be important to your company or specific project, including reproducibility, tighter tolerances, faster cycle times, overall production costs, regulatory requirements, and more.

You can also count on Vernay to collaborate with your project teams to understand the benefits and trade-offs of using emerging process technologies for your programs.

Functional Testing

Expect better performance

Vernay’s functional test capabilities cover a broad range of performance parameters over the lifecycle of your component. We subject your prototype or existing component(s) to a wide range of tests based on approved protocols using calibrated and traceable instruments. We generate pressure versus flow curves using either air or water endurance/cyclic tests, and can test with temperature controlled media and environments. We also develop custom test setups to provide product functional responses for your specific application. Applying functional testing during the development phase of concept to launch can help verify new designs before they launch, reduce prototype iterations, and develop baseline performance characteristics data. The risk of a design change in an existing application can also be mitigated by Vernay’s test lab to validate the changes against the existing standard. This ensures the component still functions as expected within the application.


Engineering the Future

For over seven decades, customers have trusted Vernay to solve their toughest fluid control challenges.

Your design team will find Vernay engineers to be tenacious problem solvers in the co-design of your custom components. Vernay has the comprehensive in-house capabilities needed to develop and produce successful fluid control systems. From concept through launch, you can trust Vernay to understand the critical interrelationships of geometry, materials, and process, and their impact on development through production.

To reduce cycle time and costly iterations, we use a wide range of analytical design and laboratory testing tools to test and validate the performance and functionality of the component or complete functional device. From start to finish, you work with a local engineer who speaks your language, knows your project, and coordinates every step of your project to successful conclusion.

From start to finish, you work with a local engineer who speaks your language.


Global Production Capability

We understand our customers’ need for local supply capabilities, which is why Vernay has production facilities around the world, to produce components where you need them.

Our facilities are ISO-certified to the same exacting standards ensuring consistent, reliable quality regardless of where your component is produced. We also offer multi-site, multi-region manufacturing of your products, reducing the risk of supply chain disruption from unforeseen natural disasters or transportation breakdowns. Our facilities offer an extensive and ever-expanding range of process technologies allowing us to choose the optimum production method for your component. We employ an impressive range of molding, finishing, assembly, automated inspection and functional testing technologies. We take responsibility for developing, testing, and producing a total solution, so you can be absolutely confident that the solution we deliver meets the demands of your application.

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