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New Product: Supravalve® MAX Medical Check Valve

December 4, 2019

Building on a long history of innovation, Vernay proudly introduces the next generation of medical check valves, the Supravalve® MAX featuring a normally closed duckbill…the first of its kind.

The new Vernay Supravalve MAX provides maximum reverse leak protection at low opening pressure. Supravalve MAX represents the convergence of multiple performance benefits such as reduced tortuous flow path in the forward direction while maintaining comparatively non-existent reverse direction leakage, even in the low-pressure regions.

The Supravalve MAX is an optimal solution for medical flow control applications including: Blood & System Management, Cardiopulmonary System Management, Diagnostic Imaging, Enteral Feeding, Respiratory System Management, Urology, Wound Care Management, and more.