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Vernay Introduces New Technologies, a New Exhibit and Sets an Attendance Record at CompaMed 2016!

December 26, 2016

Vernay featured 2 new products and 2 new precision pump technologies at the CompaMed 2016 Exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany.  The company also introduced a new state-of-the-art trade show exhibit that featured videos, product displays, fresh new graphics and live flow-control demonstrations.  This animated, multi-functional exhibit brought new level of energy and excitement to the Vernay brand and fueled a dramatic increase in booth attendance – more than doubling the previous 3 year average!

“We had great success displaying our CS-3 & CS-6 Single-Use Precision Pumps” stated  Tripp Avett, Global Medical Business Unit Manager.  “These are new technologies with tremendous potential in the medical sector because of their ability to gain incredible dispensing accuracy.  This is a significant improvement over anything available in the market”

“Take Control of the Flow” was the theme of this year’s Vernay exhibit.  The accompanying booth graphics featured an energetic stream of liquid flowing across all the exhibit walls.   “For this exhibition, we set out with two goals: the first, was to clearly communicate our core business of ‘flow control’ to those who may not fully understand its complexity and critical role in product functionality.” said  Andy Woodward, Vice President of Global Sales & Marketing.  

Vernay’s new exhibit at CompaMed 2016, in Düsseldorf Germany, attracted a record number of visitors.

“Secondly, we wanted people to know that we are very knowledgable in scientific applications of flow control management and capable of engineering a wide range of solutions to meet their needs.  We welcome the toughest flow control challenges”.

The exhibition team, led by Sylvie Baldonado, Marketing & Business Development Manager, incorporated a number of new features into the booth to attract visitors and to clearly communicate the scope and benefits of the Vernay offering.  These features included large monitor showing 3D animations of product valves functioning in specific medical devices such as inhalers and regulators.   A  demo kit, created by Jim Stope, Research & Development, offered live demonstrations of 4 different valve configurations functioning with air and fluid.  “Many visitors stopped to watch and learn” said Ms. Baldonado. 

A series of kiosks was added to showcase new and existing products.  “We are very excited about our new SupraValve® – HP Platform, a high pressure check valve with significant enhanced performance, which we developed for use in medical devices”, said Ms. Baldonado.  The new bi-directional V-flow Dispenser with a ‘no-drip’ feature was also on display.  This versatile, customizable cross slit valve is engineered for precise dispensing and dosing.     

In addition to creating new display graphics, the Vernay team, with the help of Bob Ferguson, Vice President of Global R&D, introduced an integrated series of diagrams which illustrated the functionality of many Vernay valves types.  These informative diagrams were placed in kiosks, which displayed a wide range of Vernay valve products.   “These diagrams are a very important addition,” said Ms. Baldonado, “At exhibitions like this, we have a large international audience, so not everyone speaks the same language. Our diagrams attracted new people to the booth, and without any words spoken, they could see how our valves worked and determine which valve type could solve their flow control”.

Vernay products were on display in kiosks, wall graphics, and featured in live demonstrations (lower right).

CompaMed is the world’s biggest international supplier trade fair for the international medical technology industry. The exhibition took place over a four day period, from 14 to 17 November, in Düsseldorf, Germany.  CompaMed attracts specialists from all sectors of the medical industry to learn about innovations and new trends in product development.  This year’s event attracted 774 exhibitors from 37 countries.   

Vernay will next be exhibiting at the Medical Design & Manufacturing West (MD&M) at the Anaheim Convention center, Anaheim, CA, USA from February 7 – 9, 2017.

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Vernay Laboratories has been a technology leader in the design, development, and manufacture of customized flow-control components since its founding in 1946. The company also formulates its own compounds to address each specific application.

Vernay’s products play a vital role in millions of medical devices, automobiles, and consumer products. Today, the privately held firm produces more than 1 billion components per year, drawing from a library of more than 33,000 elastomeric materials and compound formulations. It operates six plants around the world, in the U.S., the Netherlands, Italy and China. For more information, visit